The Concept


In a world where music is used to sell every product, candidate and policy...wouldn't it be nice if it were used as a brilliant agent of change? In a world where fear and shame about mental health issues cause such pain, loss and tragedy, wouldn't it be nice if music was used as a healing balm, a warm reminder that we are not alone?


Imagine a world where the intrinsic value of faith and perseverance was reiterated by a cast of singer-songwriters in the most beautifully honest manner and you are close to the core of Shameless Subversion.


Begun after the death of a gentle and wise supporter, Shameless Subversion carries on the tradition of BOXO Studio forward with their latest conceptual collective album. Drawing on a collection of the seasoned and raw, the young and the mature songwriters who give voice to all aspects of the lived experience with beautiful honesty. Recorded at BOXO Studio in Hamilton, twelve souls had their songs recorded with the goal of capturing the very early, best takes.

Once these guitar and vocal tracks were done, the painstaking task of matching the right accompanist to each song, adding power, depth and texture without detracting from the character or verve begun in earnest. Each song was lovingly polished to an appropriate lustre, each tale unfolding into the next with perfect grace. A lone voice supported in such a way is irresistible.


There exists a magical frequency just below "standard tuning" (440Hz) known by the ancients as the "God note" (432Hz). To some it would be considered flat, or detuned, while to others, it is the frequency that naturally vibrates in unison with the sun, the earth, and our body and mind. None of the artists had ever worked before in this frequency, and the results are at once subtle and profound. Listening, one is more relaxed, more in tune, at one with the surroundings. It has been called breathtaking, essential, stunning... It is everything popular music isn't.


Entirely self funded, this project has achieved the near impossible by just making it this far. Miles from the corporate world this highly ambitious labour of love has managed to raise awareness about both mental health and music as therapy in a wonderfully delightful way.

It is our hope that you purchase a copy of Shameless Subversion and share this magical musical pill far and wide. Making a difference never sounded so good.


Music has the power to affect us both psychologically and physiologically in the most profound of ways. A bold concept realized - to deliver stunningly beautiful productions of such heartfelt offerings by songwriters who share their stories, our stories.

Shameless Subversion


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